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9 Ways To Successfully Manage Virtual Teams

As the time passes by, we can see more and more startups relying on virtual teams. These teams are composed of members that live and work remotely. But, why has this trend reached this much popularity in the world of business? It seems that the main reason behind this is cost efficiency and access to […]


Software Development Cycle And Methodologies

Software projects go through different processes and phases before going live for the customers. This includes software design, development, and testing circumscribed around a specific framework methodology. The functional and economical success of the software projects depends on highly upon the type of workflow model selected for the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SDLC […]


How To Maximize The Benefits Of WordPress Google Analytics?

If you have a website or blog, the chances are that you already know how important is to check your metrics regularly. It is through your stats that you will know if you are creating the right content if your visitors are clicking on your links and other relevant information. However, you can do much […]


Have You Checked Out The Cool LAVA ‘Captain Series’ Mobile Phones?

LAVA Mobile Phones are gaining popularity and company is launching new and cost effective handsets. Recently, the cool LAVA ‘Captain Series’ was launched and it promises to be a great move for the company to attract large customer pool. Both phones feature some very premium features on an extremely low budget. Priced at Rs. 1150 […]


Recover Lost Data From Different Environment Using EaseUS Data Recovery

One cannot put up a “Lost Notice” up on a board to recover lost data from computers or smartphones. No one can help us but we have to help ourselves. Data loss can be of anything like graphic photographs, videos, audios, important documents, files etc. One cannot get everything printed, data being stored in devices […]


5 Ways To Make Your Business More Client Focused

You should listen to the comments from your clients and should modify your business procedures to accommodate those special requests because those clients want to purchase your products or want to use your services. The feedback from a client is an excellent source of information that can be used to help you to plan for […]


Profits And Productivity: How New Technologies Can Make A Difference?

Times are as tough as they have ever been for small and medium businesses. Profit margins are constantly squeezed by the big competitors’ economies of scale, and the search for cost savings is unrelenting. But smaller firms have a tremendous advantage in being able to adapt quickly, and technology is coming to their aid with […]